Instructions for External County Users

To Log into Presentation Client - Go to Web address -

  1. Click on EFRT
  2. Presentation Client Window will open - a small box at the top left of your screen – YOU MUST NOT CLOSE THIS UNTIL YOU ARE DONE USING PRESENTATION CLIENT – you will not need to minimize it, as it will minimize automatically.
  3. The first time you enter each day there will be a process, that will take 1-2 minutes, where you should click YES in two SECURITY pop up boxes.
  4. Once this is complete you will be at the Sign In Screen.  Enter the SEDFIN userid and password that you were assigned for use with SEDFIN. (If you need a userid and password please go to and register.)
  5. After you enter your userid and password, transmit using the ENTER key.
  6. You will now be at the menu screen:
    1. you will be at the TPBMN menu if you only use RSU, or the HOMES menu if you use both STAC and RSU.
  7. You can choose one of the menus or directly type in the 5-letter screen name you wish to access in the GO TO box.  (For a list of menu/screen description go to
  8. Once you have chosen a screen you will make choices to access your data using dropdown boxes.  (The dropdowns have choices, with explanations, to identify records.)
  9. The majority of the screens have as the first choice either Report Year or Rate Year.
  10. Report Year is used when you wish to access data reported.  On data screens, you will choose the Report Year/Report Type.
  11. Rate Year is used when you are accessing rate data.  On rate screens, you will choose the Rate Year/Rate Type.  (On TRATE and TRLTR you will also have to make an additional choice to view budget based rates, or a HISTorical rate record.)
  12. Once the initial choices are made you will begin to select a provider.
  13. Provider Search will default to MY PROVIDERS. To view the provider names and codes in your specific county for the Report Year chosen, make no changes to PROVIDER SEARCH and click on FIND PROVIDERS.
    1. You may also:
      1. choose ALL or another county to view other providers in other counties.
      2. If you choose ALL - scroll up from MY PROVIDERS - you will have an alphabetical listing of all providers.
      3. If you choose a specific county you will have an alphabetical list of all providers in that county.
      4. For any of these lists, you can enter the first letter of the provider name in the PROVIDERS drop down box and you are then at the provider's beginning with that letter.
  14. Screen will return with “Click Here to Find Providers” in PROVIDER drop down box.
  15. Go into the PROVIDERS drop down box and choose Provider by name and code.  (If you find more than one provider code for a given year, this is most likely because you have changed provider codes between years.  Please choose the applicable provider code for the Report Year chosen.  If you are not sure of the appropriate code, make your best guess.  If it is not the valid code for the Report Year chosen above, you will not be able to retrieve data, but once this is discovered, you may return and choose the appropriate provider code.)
  16. Once provider is chosen, click FIND PROGRAMS – (if you were given more than one choice for a provider code and did not choose the applicable code for the Report Year chosen, at this point you will most likely only see a Program Code 9999.  Please return to the PROVIDER drop down box and choose another provider code.)
  17. The PROGRAM CODE box will now be filled with all programs for which there are approved programs for the given Report year chosen.
  18. Choose the Program for which you wish to view data and click FIND DATA.
  19. The screen will return with data on file.
  20. You can now:
    1. Choose another program for the same provider and click FIND DATA for that program
    2. Change the Rate Year/Report Year if you wish to look at a different year’s data for the same program.
    3. Choose a different year for this provider.  Please remember if you choose a different year, you must also choose FIND PROGRAMS again to get the appropriate programs for the year chosen.
  21. When you are done using this screen, you can:
    1. type another 5 letter screen name in the GO TO box
    2. click on the MENU button right below the GO TO box and be sent to the TPBMN or HOMES menu.
    3. Type BYE in the GO TO box to end your session.
  22. Other points:
    1. Please note any messages that may appear on the bottom left of the screen.  If there is more than one message, a separate “window box” will open at the bottom of the screen, with a red symbol and a V.
    2. Printing – all screens have been designed to print on one page.
    3. Do not use the WINDOWS BACK button to maneuver through the screens.  This button will not work.
    4. When in the TCF1E, TCF1R or the TCF3, you can identify the cost code description by clicking into the amount for any cost code and then choose the F1 (HELP) button on the keyboard.  You should then see a description of the item.  To exit the HELP function, choose the ESC button on your keyboard.
    5. Various screens have not been completed with the dropdown buttons as yet, but will be updated weekly.  These screens should be those that you do not use as often, and data can still be accessed by entering the 4-digit report year, report type, 12-digit school code, and program code.   



Last Updated: March 19, 2009