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Training - Reporting Requirements

Training Information

BOCES may attend the CFR training held for private providers. See CFR training.

Reporting Requirements

The BOCES manual contains instructions to complete the SA-111 Supplemental Schedules. The schedules will be used by the Rate Setting Unit to calculate reconciliation tuition rates/adjustment factors and  prospective tuition rates for special education programs.

SOFTWARE: All BOCES providers must complete the Supplemental Schedules using approved CFR software. Please note that for reporting all BOCES providers must submit their CFR electronically via the Internet. A document control number (DCN) is required in order to submit via the Internet, as well as your approved agency code.

BASIS OF ACCOUNTING: SA-111 Supplemental Schedules must be completed using the modified accrual basis of accounting according to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

INTERNET SUBMISSIONS: To transmit your agency’s CFR via the internet, please access this OMH website: Website.  The data from your agency’s CFR submission will be saved to a central repository maintained by the OMH and forwarded to each applicable funding State Agency (SED).  BOCES providers will submit their CFR by accessing the OMH website and following the appropriate steps.  After a successful submission, your agency’s CFR data will be transmitted to SED.  Generally, the information will be forwarded to each funding State agency on a daily basis.

SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: a complete financial statement submission to the SED Rate Setting Unit consists of the following:

  • One copy of the SA-111 Schedule 8 for your special education COSERs only
  • An electronic submission via the internet of the supplemental schedules prepared using Consolidated Fiscal Report (CFR) software

A paper copy of the required certification Schedule 8-i/CFR-i. The Document Control Number (DCN) on the certification schedule must match the DCN of the internet submission.

Please note that the related services data formerly reported on EXCEL Schedules RS-1 and RS-2 will no longer be submitted in EXCEL format. The related service data formerly entered on RS-1 will be entered on CFR software and submitted as CFR Schedule SED-4. Schedule RS-2 must be completed in EXCEL in order to prepare SED-4, but RS-2 does not need to be submitted to SED.

DUE DATE: Please forward your complete financial statement submission to the SED Rate Setting Unit by the beginning of October each year.

WHERE TO FILE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS: Please send the SA-111 Schedule 8 for your special education COSERs and a paper copy of Schedule CFR-I to:

New York State Education Department
Rate Setting Unit
Room 302 Education Building
Albany, New York 12234

WHO TO CONTACT: If you have any questions regarding the supplemental schedules, please contact your account representative at the SED Rate Setting Unit at (518) 474-3227.


Last Updated: March 7, 2014