Public School Districts Reporting Overview

Public School Districts operating, in house, school age summer and/or  12 month preschool programs must report those programs to the rate-setting unit in order to receive tuition rates.  The programs are reported on Schedule B3 in the Special Aid Fund of the the ST-3 under the following:

  • Preschool (3-4 year olds) - section 4410 of the Education Law - F2252
  • School Age (Summer Only) - section 4408 of the Education Law - F2253
  • Early Intervention - DOH Chapter 428 - F2251

Individual programs are also reported on schedules SS10-16 at the tail end of the ST-3 in a more detailed format necessary to set a tuition rate(s).  These schedules can be accessed through the SAMS system from the department's State Aid website.

See a Powerpoint Overview of public school reporting. (MHML 1,458KB)

Sample Supplemental Schedules pdf (1,308 KB)

Supplemental Schedule Reporting Guidance/Instructions pdf (1,242 KB)

Special Ed Director Questionnaire xls (25 KB)

Public SA Summer Revenue and FTE Calculation worksheet xls (27 KB)

A list of program codes that should be reported follows:

Program Code Reporting


9100 - 9109

Preschool Special Class - over 2.5 hours per day
9115 - 9119 Preschool Special Class - 2.5 hours per day
9135 Preschool Special Education Itinerant Teacher (SEIT)
9160 - 9163 Preschool Integrated Special Class - over 2.5 hours per day
9164 Day Care Costs in excess of the Integrated Program
9165 - 9169 Preschool Integrated Special Class - 2.5 hours per day
9190 - 9194 Preschool Evaluations
9200 Preschool Related Services

SCHOOL AGE (July-August only)

9000 - 9009 School Age Regular Special Education
9010 - 9014 School Age Half Day Regular Special Education



School Age/Preschool 1:1 Aide


Last Updated: June 22, 2016