Contents of a Basic Grant Award Notice


1. Grant Award Recipient 2. Project Number
3. Agency Code
4. Funding Source 6. Law
5. Approved Budget Regulations
Commissioners Regulations
7. Funding Dates 8. CFDA Index Number
9. First Payment 10. Final Report (FS-10-F) Due
11. SED Fiscal Contact 12. SED Program Contact


Margaret Zollo
Supervisor, Grants Finance

This Grant Award constitutes formal approval of the grant application which you submitted to the New York State Education Department. It is the grantee’s responsibility to conduct activities in accordance with applicable statutes, regulations, policies, terms, conditions and assurances. All grants are subject to further review, monitoring, and audit to ensure compliance. The Department has the right to recoup funds if the approved activities are not performed and/or the funds are expended inappropriately. 

In accordance with Section 41 of the State Finance Law, the State shall have no liability under this grant to the grantee or to anyone else beyond funds appropriated and available for this grant.

The approved budget (FS-10/FS-20) will be sent under separate cover. First payment can be expected within 2-4 weeks after receipt of approved FS-10/FS-20 by grant recipient. Please keep this document with your project records.

Revised 10/09