Contents of an FS-80 Notice of Overpayment


Agency Code:  
Project #:  

Contract #: C4_________

Agency Name:  
Funding Source:
Contact Person:

A desk review of the attached Final Expenditure Report (FS-10-F) for the above referenced project has been completed. Based on this review, an overpayment has been calculated as follows:

1. Amount accepted by review


2. Payment to date


3. Overpayment


____  Please issue a check in the amount of overpayment to "Treasury of the State of New York" and remit directly to the address noted above. If refunds are due on more than one project, separate checks must be submitted for the amount due on each project. If payment is not received by Grants Finance within 30 days of the date of this notice, ALL subsequent grant and grant contract payments will be held until the overpayment has been remitted. Please return a copy of this notice with the refund check.

____  A refund check is not required. The overpayment on this project has been transferred to project number ____________________.

If you have any questions concerning the desk review or overpayment procedures, please contact this office.

Reviewer _________________________         Date ___________________



Line #

Refund Amount

Refund #:      
Check #:      
Date check sent to accounting:      

Revised 1/11